Everybody at Reading Borough Council joins residents of the town in being both shocked and appalled at the horrific attack at Forbury Gardens on Saturday 20 June.

The Council’s thoughts and prayers are with the families of the three people who lost their lives, and for those who remain seriously injured.

Along with residents of the town, we would also like to express our appreciation for the incredible response of colleagues in the emergency services who acted so swiftly on Saturday evening to prevent further harm.


Support services and organisations are available to support those affected by the attack – victims, witnesses, and residents.


Fundraising for the families of those who have died, and anyone who has been affected by the attack at The Forbury Gardens.

If you are still feeling affected by recent events and like to talk to someone about how you feel, please contact Victims First, for free emotional and therapeutic support, telephone 0300 1234 148.

You can also contact your GP and call Talking Therapies on 0300 365 2000.

If you think there is a significant and immediate risk of harm to you or someone else call Emergency Services 999.